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  • An engineer is working in Italy and he needs some tools the next day, DHL & TNT say it’s a 2 day area but he’ll be flying back by then! No problem, we’ll fly it our direct to the nearest airport and have it driven to the engineer. Not only that, but arrange for them to be collected from his hotel once finished and brought back on an economy service.
  • Urgent documents not available for collection until 17:00 but they need to be in Paris by noon the next day. No problem! In fact, why stop at Paris? Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam, Dubai…. we once completed a request for a jiffy bag to be delivered to 15 European cities, collected on Saturday, delivered on the Monday, even though it was a bank holiday weekend.
  • 2 heavy items over 5m long and a pallet are in Spain and need to be back to the UK ASAP. Goods collected on the Friday and delivered in the UK 09:00 Monday morning.
  • Someone had been to the Post Office with 3 boxes for New Zealand. Apart from them giving him a laughable price they could not tell him how long it takes. Astral Couriers, half the price and there in 4 days!
  • Documents for Maryland, USA. Collected 13:00 Tues, delivered 10:13 Weds. Price? just £19.99.
  • A pallet of paint and tools were required for engineers at Bournemouth Airport, however they were in Madrid on Friday PM and needed for Monday AM when the engineers were due to start work. Hazardous Goods transport arranged and everything arrived on time.

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Sarah Webber, Marketing Manager, BoConcept UK Ltd

“Arranged complex delivery with no hassle at all. Astral Couriers worked out an effective plan that meant that all deadlines were met. Friendly and helpful staff took care of the goods and were eager to deliver top results. Fantastic service at a surprisingly competitive price”.

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