Onboard Delivery

  • Onboard Delivery
  • Medical trials delivered next day to a doctor in Accra, Ghana. There were a number of reasons for using an onboard courier for this delivery:
    1. Safe and secure delivery,
    2. Time scale from collection to delivery,
    3. Customs clearance on arrival.
    Our courier even had Yellow Fever jabs before he flew!
  • Aircraft spares were required in San Diego on a regular basis as soon as they had completed production and testing in the UK and out on the first available flight. Morning collections in the UK were achieving deliveries around midnight in San Diego. When our courier was in the air all customs clearance was arranged by our staff and agents in LA allowing the courier to sail through US Customs and Immigration stress free, hop into a his hire car and drive to deliver direct on site.
  • 23:30 request to pick up 01:00 in Devon and drive direct to Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. On arrival our courier was presented with a jiffy-bag, so quick thinking he took the first flight out of Southampton to Amsterdam, delivering an estimated 4hrs earlier than the drive and surprisingly making a saving on the cost too!
  • A small box was required to be delivered to a remote Scottish Island ASAP. Our courier drove overnight to Glasgow, jumped on the first flight and delivered within 20 minutes of landing.
  • Electronics components were required to be delivered in Omaha, USA as soon as possible, but keeping cost to a minimum. The solution we gave our customer was to hand-carry the goods to New York same-day, clear customs on the spot and hand to our NY agent to forward on a ‘first-drop’ service to Omaha. The result was delivery by 08:30 the following day and over £1,000 saving.

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Sarah Webber, Marketing Manager, BoConcept UK Ltd

“Arranged complex delivery with no hassle at all. Astral Couriers worked out an effective plan that meant that all deadlines were met. Friendly and helpful staff took care of the goods and were eager to deliver top results. Fantastic service at a surprisingly competitive price”.

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