How do I pack my goods?

  • Dedicated vans – packing is recommended but not necessarily required as your goods will be delivered direct in the vehicle they are collected in. (however, suitable packaging is required under our terms and conditions of business)
  • UK overnight – We recommend the minimum of plastic wrapping, but cardboard and foam and/or bubble-wrap is better. Think about what your goods are and how they are travelling, original packing is ideal if it is available, and over packing is better than under packing.
    Please note that bare metal will not be accepted and and sharps ends or corners should be protected.
  • International – minimum of cardboard box, again depending on what your goods are make sure they are packed suitably.

If you are unsure please contact us either through the ‘Live Chat’ link to the right (green when available), email or call.

I’ve won a big item on ebay, can you collected it for me?

  • Yes we can, drop us an email or give us a call and run through the details. We regularly collect odd space / size items from all over the UK. Items include tables, chairs, beds, sofas, quad bikes, pushbikes, rowing machines, washing machines – you name it, we’ve more than likely moved it in the past!

Items of furniture that require moving to or from houses or flats with more than 1 person, or that involve stairs or delivering in-situ might be best suited to a removal company.

What is this ‘volumetric weight’ all about? How do I work it out and why do you charge it?

  • Volumetric weight, also known as Dimensional weight is used to used by postal companies and other freight industries and courier services around the world to invoice for the actual space that a parcel, package or pallet takes up in a vehicle or storage area. A vehicle or aircraft can quickly become full of bulky, lightweight articles long before it reaches it’s capacity in weight which makes for inefficient use of space, therefore a volume charge is calculated.

The basic procedure for calculating volumetric weight is (L x W x H) / 6000 for UK or 5000 for international :

  • Find the smallest cuboid box that your consignment will fit in
  • Find the volume of this notional box in cubic centimeters
  • Divide this by 6000 or 5000: the answer is your volumetric weight in kilograms

What is a ‘commercial invoice’ and when will I need to supply you with one?

A commercial invoice is document used in foreign trade out of the EEC. It is used as a customs declaration provided by the person or corporation that is exporting an item across international borders.

Although there is no standard format, the document must include a few specific pieces of information such as the parties involved in the shipping transaction, the goods being transported, the country of manufacture, values and the Commodity codes for those goods if high value entry is required. A commercial invoice must also include a statement certifying that the invoice is true, and a signature.

If you are unsure please contact us either through the ‘Live Chat’ link to the right (green when available), email or call. We have examples and blank forms you can use.

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Sarah Webber, Marketing Manager, BoConcept UK Ltd

“Arranged complex delivery with no hassle at all. Astral Couriers worked out an effective plan that meant that all deadlines were met. Friendly and helpful staff took care of the goods and were eager to deliver top results. Fantastic service at a surprisingly competitive price”.

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