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When you have something that needs to be there ASAP, no questions asked then our Onboard (or hand-carry) courier service is your solution. Our courier will collect from you, drive to the nearest airport, fly on the next available flight and deliver to the final destination either by taxi or hire car. Whilst in transit our office staff will arrange everything from flights, car/taxi and customs clearance if required.

You can use the onboard courier as a complete door-door or for just part of the journey. For example, our courier can fly out to Berlin with your consignment and meet our German agent who delivers direct to the consignee. This not only speeds up the delivery time with local courier’s knowledge, but can reduce costs as our courier can fly straight back, possibly on the same plane.

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Client Testimonials

What our clients have to say...

Sarah Webber, Marketing Manager, BoConcept UK Ltd

“Arranged complex delivery with no hassle at all. Astral Couriers worked out an effective plan that meant that all deadlines were met. Friendly and helpful staff took care of the goods and were eager to deliver top results. Fantastic service at a surprisingly competitive price”.

  • We can deliver any time
  • We cover the whole of the world
  • We secure a safe delivery